Instant Energy Boost


Breathe the essence of life

Deep breathing when feeling low or depressed can help to increase your energy levels instantly. Many people take short, shallow breaths which cause the heart to work harder. Shallow breathing can also restrict the heart and organs from TAKING IN enough oxygen which causes unnecessary stress and tension in the body. Exhaling properly helps to detox the body and should be seen as a cathartic experience.

When stressed or feeling low try the following little exercise. Sit with a straight back and good posture and breathe in through your nostrils; fill the lungs completely. Hold for three counts and tense your muscles simultaneously. EXHALE for another three counts and relax all your muscles. Repeat this cycle a few times to re- energize.

This exercise can also be done by using specific muscles for example; tense up your facial muscles as you inhale and relax them as you exhale. Then do another muscle group for example your abdominals. For a calming result use the same technique of breathing but lie on your back in a comfortable position. You will feel relaxed in minutes.

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