Want to get healthier after the festive season?


Make your fitness a priority. People often say they want to be healthier but do not follow through with a plan and steps. Mentally prepare yourself. Set a goal and monitor yourself weekly on progress If you are in a good “head space” the battle is half won. If you have the means for a…

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Spine Twist Mobilization Exercises

Spine Pilates

The spine twist is a mobilization exercise for the lumbar vertebrae as well as a stretch for the shoulders and chest. Set yourself up as shown below Arms are outstretched to the side Knees are hugged in towards the chest Abdominals are activated Shoulder blades are wide and activated Take your knees over to your…

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The Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch

The cat stretch is a great mobilization exercise for the spine as well as a back strengthening exercise. We are looking at the cat stretch as a stretching tool in this blog. Set yourself up as shown below Align your knees with your hips and your hands with your shoulders The spine is in a…

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Spinal Warm Up – The Roll Down

The roll down is a great little exercise to warm up the spine as well as relief tension build up in the muscles supporting the spine. Set yourself up as shown below Stand tall with your head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles aligned Start by nodding your chin to your chest to stretch the…

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Neck Stretches

The shoulders and the neck is an area of the body that often carries tension due to the way we sit, our daily work activities like sitting in front of a computer, the way we sleep, muscle imbalances and more reasons related to how we interact with our environment. Daily stretching of the neck and…

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