Spine Twist Mobilization Exercises

The spine twist is a mobilization exercise for the lumbar vertebrae as well as a stretch for the shoulders and chest.

Set yourself up as shown below

  • Arms are outstretched to the side
  • Knees are hugged in towards the chest
  • Abdominals are activated
  • Shoulder blades are wide and activated
  • Take your knees over to your right side

Still spine twist supine modified 1

  • Once you are in the position shift your top knee forwards to align the knees one on top of the other; then shift it back
  • Alternate between shifting the top knee forward and back.
  • You should be able to feel how the stretch in your back increases
  • Your left shoulder and chest should also feel an extra stretch as the knees continuously shift back and forth
  • Repeat the stretch on the left side
  • Repeat the shifts several times on each side

Still spine twist supine modified 2

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