Spinal Warm Up – The Roll Down

The roll down is a great little exercise to warm up the spine as well as relief tension build up in the muscles supporting the spine.

Set yourself up as shown below

  • Stand tall with your head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles aligned
  • Start by nodding your chin to your chest to stretch the cervical spine
  • Then gradually roll down the spine until your fingers touch the floor
  • Your neck should be relaxed
  • Your abdominals should be activated
  • Arms should be outstretch down along your sides
  • Imagine someone pulling your arms down and your head feeling heavy like lead

Roll down 1

Roll down chin to chest 2

Roll down thoracic spine 3

Roll down - hands to floor 5

  • Slowly roll up the same way
  • Repeat this movement a few times( 4-8 times)
  • After a few repetitions your spine should feel limbered; if not do a few more or move on to the cat stretch (see other blogs)

This exercise is great as a warm up or just as a stretch for the spine.
It can also be done standing against a wall.

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